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hi have another avery. this outfit is really cute on them i like it :)

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Drew Luther's OC Jovi for a trade!!

Art by Neil Problematic
Character belongs to Johnny Luther

My commissions are open!! Please check them out

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Inktober Day 30: Catch

I never beat it so I definitely picked this game up, too bad i'm really bad at the gameboy Zelda games ^^;

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naiad -

I used to love Veggie Tales when I was a kid lol

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2020 September 10: Shiba Inu

Completed pet portrait of a Shiba Inu named Riko, commissioned by someone from FP! Thanks for commissioning me and allowing me to paint such a cutie. :D


Check this out on ko-fi!

workin on some merpeople stickers :D

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rave -

a couple of (rushed) Sound icons.

babushka -

this keeps popping up in featured so might as well reblob

also I do icon commissions in this style

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argo keene!! before his haircut, at least.

please rebloggy my art that took me two days </3

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Gift art!

I've been doing a lot of gift art lately!! And there's surely more on the way
These are for Scartheshrop, Jamsbunnies, and ECNALUBMA !!

Art by me
Characters belong to their respective owners

My commissions are open!! Please check them out

avery and mokushi, but fallout 4 this time! i am just making mokushi gradually more baby with every au <3

mokushi belongs to my friend orion :)

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x3 -

an actual drawing i did

i got an alternate start mod for fallout 4 yesterday and immediately spent 8 hours nonstop playing because it was so much fun. now i have a story for fo4!avery that i can actually enjoy :)

go check out their carrd if you want to learn about her

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Parasect Color Palette Challenge

based off the Gold sprite~

fallout mokushi is the most brain boggling person in the wasteland. and i love her for it

Commissions are open!

basically trying to bolster my income since i'm considered as self-employed despite working in a call center. that's also on a commission-based income.

so, basically, come commission me, i have about three slots open and i'm also willing to haggle.

i can also do video editing and ukagakas! those cost much more than what's on the sheet and are also highly variable.

naiad asked:

I would love to check out your rollerblading playlist! I like a lot of different kinds of songs tbh

ah i just saw this!! here's the link :O i hope you like it! i update it every so often but not super frequently :)

avery & mokushi having an afternoon together

mokushi belongs to my friend orion; avery is mine
mokushi uses she/her; avery uses she/he/they

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i have great hair and anyone who says otherwise is homophobic

wip sketch for the night ill probably finish this tomorro

its avery & mokushi on the new stardew valley beach farm :)

2020 in Review

a whole lot has happened in the past year, but i still manged to come through with just over 400 art files saved! not quite as high as 2019 at 500 files, but still impressive. suprisingly enough i didn’t actually draw anything in june so i just put something up from the end of may in its place.

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